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The Best Garage Door Paint

A garage door makes up about a third of your house’s facade. A faded old door can really affect the curb appeal. If you have a weekend, we have a project that will give your house a facelift for under $100.

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The Best Garage Floor Coating

Installing a garage floor coating can be a stylish and practical addition to any garage. Providing a visual pop that will set your garage apart. But what are the realities of installing floor coating on your own? With all the hours of preparation and hard work in completing this task, what should you need to know before you decide to take it on yourself?

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The Best Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

Whether your garage is finished or not, you might find that it’s difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature. While you can always add layers, you can only take so many off…unless you’re into that sort of spiritual garage experience.

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The Best Garage Heater

If you live in a colder climate or spend most of your time in the garage, space heaters may be the only option you have to keep you and your space warm. We’ve listed five of the best garage heaters on the market and provided you with details to make an informed decision.

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The Best Pedestal Fan

Looking to move some air around in your garage? Here we look at five of the best pedestal fans on the market and what makes them so special.

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Reviews & Recommendations For Your Garage

The garage is a safe haven. A place for work or play or relaxation. What originated as shelter for a horse or buggy has evolved into an essential addition to every home owner and renter.

Whether you’re starting a business, brewing beer, rockin’ out, or using it as a wood shop, there’s a lot that can be done to a garage to make it your own. At Smart Garage Guide we cover finishing and renovation options as well as what the best garage gadgets may be for your particular needs.

Have a look at our latest posts and be sure to check out our garage gallery for inspiration on your next garage project.